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Christmas in October?

I know it's just barely Fall, but I can't wait for Christmas. The weather gets cold (meaning I can use my fireplace), Christmas lights are up, you get to decorate a dead tree and have it live in your house until New Years (and one of my favorite things, is busting out my Hallmark ornaments that I obsessively buy on clearance at the end of the year), yummy food, the joy of giving (candles are always involved if you are my friend), and the best part, seeing Christmas through the eyes of a toddler. And of course, candles.

So why not start figuring out some Christmas scents?

Meet Fraser Fir. This is what your Christmas Tree should smell like. Before I started making candles, every year I would be on the hunt for a good pine candle that would remind me of Christmastime. Let me tell you folks, this is it. It has mild citrus notes, infused with fir balsam and other natural essential oils, cypress, evergreen, cedar, fir, and some oak moss & amber-you are going to love this candle.

And guess what? Since I'm so obsessed with Christmas, this baby is going to be available soon! Happy Holidays folks!

Team ND Candle Works

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